What is Heel Spur? Why Does It Happen? How Is It Treated?

One of the disorders that suddenly reduces the quality of life is a heel spur. Heel spurs may occur due to calcium deposits under the heel bone. Generally, rose feet can be confused with heel spurs. But the heel spur has distinctive features. One of the most common complaints about heel spurs is pain in the heel part of the foot after waking up in the morning. This pain is often described as a pinprick or stabbing.

Causes of Heel Spurs

One of the most innocent causes of heel spurs is being on your feet most of the day. In addition, many reasons such as heavy physical activities, choosing the wrong shoes, overloading the heels due to weight gain, diabetes can cause heel spurs. Heel spur, which is an orthopedic disease, can be very uncomfortable for the person with this disease if left untreated.

What is Heel Spur? Why Does It Happen? How Is It Treated?

You can take a step to get rid of heel spurs by making an appointment with the orthopedic department of hospitals for the treatment of heel spurs, which many people are likely to encounter throughout their lives. If your doctor deems it appropriate, he or she will take an X-ray, make sure that the heel spur is present, and prescribe the necessary medications for treatment.

What is heel spur? why does it happen? How is it treated? One of the ways to get rid of heel spurs in a shorter time is to follow your doctor's recommendations. If you have excess weight, losing these weights, using comfortable shoes with soft soles, and plenty of rest are factors that will speed up the healing process.

Heel Spur Treatment

The main goal in the treatment of heel spurs is to reduce the load on the heel as much as possible. Anti-inflammatory drugs that can be used with the doctor's recommendation will reduce the swelling in the heel. In addition, the PRP method can be used in the treatment of heel spurs. The tissue healing process can be accelerated by injecting the plasma taken from the patient's own blood into the heel area.

It is possible to get rid of heel spurs with acupuncture. Sterile needles inserted into the heel part can stimulate the body's healing mechanism. Although such known treatment methods are usually sufficient, in some cases, surgery may be required to remove the heel spur.