What are the treatment methods in Scoliosis Disease?

Doctors plan the most appropriate treatment based on the patient's age, how long it will extend, the degree of curvature, and the type of scoliosis.


For curvatures below 25 degrees, the patient is followed up at intervals of 4 to 6 months. No intervention (corset treatment or surgery) is performed.

Corset Usage

In the treatment of a person with scoliosis; Corset treatment is applied in patients with moderate curvature (20-40 degrees), skeletal development has not yet been completed, and the angle of curvature is increasing.

If the growth potential is 2 more years and the girl has not experienced her first menstrual period, the use of corsets is recommended.

Corset treatment is not effective in adults or patients over the age of 17 whose growth and bone development have been completed. The use of a corset gives more effective results with exercises specially programmed for the curvature of the person. In order for the corset to be beneficial, it is usually worn for at least 20 hours a day, if possible 22 hours a day, depending on the individual's specific situation. it is recommended


If the curvature of the back has exceeded 40 degrees in a growing child, and if the curvature of the waist has exceeded 35 degrees, surgery is definitely recommended for these children.