What Causes Neck Pain? How Is It Treated?

Neck pain, which is suffered by those who spend a long time at the computer or spend a lot of time on the phone, is an issue that almost everyone complains about. Some neck pains may appear later as a product of the person's medical history. Neck pain can manifest itself in many ways. These pains, which affect your daily life, bring many symptoms such as weakness, numbness and tingling.

What are the Causes of Neck Pain?

Neck pain can also develop depending on age. Cartilage and joint abrasions in the neck joints cause you to hardly move and suffer pain.

Muscle strains occur in the neck as a result of routine work, such as using a computer or being busy on the phone, which is a part of daily life. Muscle strains can be deadly.

You are likely to experience nerve compression due to the herniated discs in your neck pressing on the nerve. This nerve compression puts pressure on your nerves and causes pain.

Injuries to your neck as a result of an accident or a sudden and wrong movement can also be counted among the causes of neck pain.

In addition to these, severe diseases such as inflammatory rheumatism, cancer and meningitis in your medical history can also trigger your neck pain.

What are Neck Pain Treatment Methods?

There are many ways to treat neck pain. It is possible to reduce or even completely stop the pain with strong painkillers and muscle relaxants that your doctor will give you and can only be obtained with a prescription. It is also an option to get treatment by getting physical therapy services and improving your neck and posture positions. With TENS, which is called subcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electrical pulses can be given to the painful area. To relieve the pain, your doctor can relieve and cut your pain by injecting steroids into the small facet joints near the nerve roots in your neck.

Another method that is rarely used for treatment is surgery. It is aimed to prevent nerve roots and spinal cord compression in operated patients. For a softer treatment, using a soft pillow that supports your neck is a treatment that can relieve your neck pain.