What is Ozone Therapy? To Whom Is It Applied?

When ozone therapy, also called detox method, is used in a beneficial way for humans, many beneficial results are obtained. When there is a sick area or a damaged area, oxygen entry is increased there and it is aimed to return the area to its healthy state before the disease. In addition to these, ozone treatment given to the person strengthens his immune system. It does not make aging impossible, but people who want to delay aging can also apply to ozone therapy.

Where Can Ozone Therapy Be Applied?

Ozone therapy is a type of treatment that has many uses. If you are suffering from chronic and painful pain in your neck and waist region, ozone therapy can reduce these pains. If you have rheumatism in your body and you have joint problems, ozone therapy can also be used for this condition. This type of treatment, which is very effective in rejuvenating aging skin as well as in removing scars such as scars and acne, can also strengthen the immune system as much as possible.

How is Ozone Therapy Applied?

There are simple methods of applying ozone therapy. Applying ozone therapy through direct blood is one of the simplest methods. In addition to ozone therapy via blood, intramuscular injection is also possible. For joint pain, ozone therapy can be done separately. There are also ozone treatments applied directly into the joint for joint pain. If you have open wounds, ozone therapy is a type of treatment that can also be applied on open wounds. There are many types of ozone therapy, you can choose a treatment type that is suitable for you by consulting your doctor.

What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a type of treatment that strengthens the immune system. In this way, sudden heart attacks are prevented. Your liver is cleansed and prevents cancer cells from multiplying. Ozone therapy for neck, muscle and joint pains causes these pains to be alleviated and completely disappeared. In addition to pain, ozone therapy also helps to regulate your digestion. This treatment, which prevents sudden paralysis, adjusts the acid balance of your body and protects you from nervous system diseases.