What Should Be Considered for Back Health?

With aging, loss of bone mass and loss of strength and elasticity of muscles and ligaments are inevitable.

The following can be done to slow down the effects of age-related wear;

-Exercise regularly to keep the muscles that support your lower back strong and flexible.

-Using correct lifting and handling techniques; (get help if an object is too heavy or of an odd size).

- While lifting a weight from the ground, lie down with your knees bent without bending your back.

- Carry a weight you lift close to your body, embrace it.

-Use a wheeled suitcase.

- Divide the weight you need to lift in half and give both arms equal weight so that your torso does not bend to the side

- If you need to stand still, take a step back with one foot.

- Do not work while standing bent.

-Sit up straight, stand up straight. While sitting, do not turn your torso backwards with your hips stable.

- Lie on your back or side with a pillow between your legs while lying down.

-Walk fast, bend slowly.

-Maintaining your appropriate body weight; Being overweight puts strain on your lower back muscles.

-Avoid smoking.

- Maintaining a proper posture while standing and sitting, not slouching

Most low back pain, whether acute or chronic, can almost always be treated without surgery. The most common reason for surgery is cases that cause nerve and leg pain, cause muscle weakness, or do not respond to other treatments.